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22.02.2022 09:55
Best Wicket Keeper in the World Antworten

Cricket is not just about batting or balling, this game is incomplete without fielding and most importantly without wicket-keeping. So, today we are not going to indulge our conversation about batting, we are here to talk about those hidden warriors of cricket, who actually play a vital role in the world of cricket, who are also known to be the game changers. If we look back into the bygone times of cricket, there have been a diverse number of wickets thrown out by wicket-keepers, not only that these heroes became the reason to get the game for the team. To be a wicket keeper one needs to have absolute focus, speed and awareness. There are wicket keepers who not only have fulfilled the above expectations, but also have done tremendously well and listed their name in the history of cricket as the most inspired and loved cricketers and Best wicket keepers in the World. So let’s dig out their name and know why they were the best, we have some facts and figures to prove:
Adam Gilchrist has registered his name in the cricket world as the most inspired wicket keepers. Let’s analyze his achievement:
i. Played 96 tests and 287 ODIs.
ii. Total Dismissal in Tests: 379 (Catches) and 37 (Stumps).
iii. Total Dismissal in ODIs: 417 (Catches) and 55 (Stumps).
Adam Gilchrist has won several titles, one of them is World’s Scariest Batsman, also as remarks his name with a medal of Alan Border in 2005 and prior to that he has received an Award of Wisden Cricketer of the Year.
Kumar Sangakkara was former captain of Sri Lanka, who has recorded the finest rememberable number before his name, in the mask of wicket keeper:
i. Total played matches: 134 tests and 404 ODIs.
ii. Total Dismissal in Tests: 182 (Catches) and 20 (Stumps).
iii. Total Dismissal in ODIs: 402 (Catches) and 99 (Stumps).
Kumar Sangakkara has won LG People’s Choice award two consecutive times. Kumar sat on the chair of world’s Best Cricketer for the year 2011 and 2014 by Wisden.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a remarkable career in the world of Cricket, not only as batsman, but also as finest finisher as well as Dangerous Wicket Keeper who has surprised his fans and cricket lover with his tremendous performance, lets analyze his achieved historic numbers:
i. Matches Played: 90 tests and 350 ODIs.
ii. Total Dismissal in Tests: 256 (Catches) and 38 (Stumps).
iii. Total Dismissal in ODIs: 321 (Catches) and 123 (Stumps).
Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his abilities are not hidden from his fans and Cricket lovers. When he scored 183 runs against Sri Lanka is unforgettable. He also has highlighted his name as the only Indian Cricketer who hits 200 Sixes.
Coming to the Conclusion, after analyzing facts and figures of top 3 cricketers, we have found that Adam Gilchrist is one of the Best Wicket Keeper in the World, but also we cannot deny with the facts that name which are listed are not far behind, they can also be referred as outstanding Wicket Keeper in the world.

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